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SK Fit Gym & Nutrition is our name. It’s all about fitness in our line of work. Every area of fitness is covered. We shall persuade individuals of the importance of physical fitness. We’ll also show them how to implement fitness routines that will significantly improve their quality of life. We’ll do so in a professional manner, utilising and adopting worldwide best practises and keeping our programmes up to date.

Shiyas Kareem is a health and fitness enthusiast who rose to stardom as a Bigg Boss participant. Shiyas claims that after his family, he spends the majority of his time at the gym. This athlete places a high value on fitness. Shiyas’ passion for fitness centres prompted him to open his own gym. Shiyas opened his ideal gym in Perumbavoor. The gym’s 2,800 square feet of workout space is entirely made up of imported equipment from other countries.

At the moment, 40 people go to the gym several times a day to follow the covid routine. Many people bring their family to the gym because it is a unisex facility. A special period has been set aside just for the ladies. Expert trainers specialized in different workout session are their highlight.

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If you’re having trouble getting good reps and keeping a consistent training routine, hiring a mentor may be exactly what you need. There are a few Programs on our team who can help you stay motivated. They’re more than just a workout buddy. They can assist you in pushing yourself and fine-tuning your routine for increased resistance and growth. They can assist you in developing a programme and nutrition plan that is tailored to your specific requirements.


We offer supplements that are free of steroid hormones.

  • Pre and post workout supplements
  • Veg-proteins
  • Whey-proteins
  • mass gainers
  • Aminos
  • Casein
  • Energisers