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Shiyas Kareem, who rose to fame as a Bigg Boss contestant, is a health and fitness enthusiast. Shiyas claims he spends the majority of his time after family in the gym. Fitness is extremely important to this athlete. Shiyas was inspired to create his own gym by his passion for fitness centres. In Perumbavoor, Shiyas opened his dream gym. The gym’s workout equipment is all imported from overseas and spans 2,800 square feet.¬†

Currently, 40 people attend the gym multiple times per day to follow the covid routine. Since it is a unisex gym, many people bring their families with them. A separate time has been set aside for ladies only. Expert trainers specialized in different workout session are their highlight.


We’ll assist you in defining and achieving your objectives. We don’t only show you how to execute an activity; We also teach you about strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and nutrition.

Healthy Diet

We provide nutritional powders to help you strengthen your body and you will receive a personalised and systemized training plan.

3-5 / 90 Min Workouts a week

Welcome to a small group training session with only three to five people.

Personal Training

Depending on your health and weight, you can do a variety of aerobic and strength training exercises.


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